Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can describe several products. Home users often identify this with local phone service offering free or reduced cost long distance (on an internet connection). Business users identify the application as both the network service (i.e. local and long distance phone lines run over the internet) and as a replacement for their current digital or electronic telephone system that gives the flexibility of remote phones on a network. NorthWest ComTech provides businesses with both of these products, custom designed to meet the needs of each individual company. To learn more about VoIP as a business quality network service please click here. If you wish to learn more about how VoIP can improve your office communications please click here.

VoIP as Network Services

When placed on a voice only data network, VoIP network services provide superior audio quality and reliability. This network may encompass standard telephone lines, T-1's, PRI's, or SIP channels. The benefit of this type of network service includes lower monthly service charges, reduced rate long distance, and flexibility designed around how the customer conducts business on a daily basis. To see how to reduce monthly operating costs while improving day-to-day business operations, please contact us.

VoIP Telephone System

NorthWest ComTech provides a collection of VoIP based phone systems to meet the needs of every business, large or small. Expandable systems provide the opportunity to change and grow based on varying needs of each company. Access to multiple products provides NorthWest ComTech with the opportunity to select the best option for each customer based on the price, application requirements and product functionality.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

  • Lower administrative costs
  • Support for remote or mobile workers
  • Ability to integrate phone system with company CRM application
  • Supports wireless phones over a 802.11 WiFi Network
  • Integration of voicemail and email though Microsoft Outlook
  • WEB based administration
  • Seamless networking with branch offices
  • Single voice and data cabling infrastructure
  • Greater flexibility

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