Financing Programs

NorthWest ComTech is pleased to provide our customers with a wide array of leasing opportunities to meet almost any situation. Whether you are looking for the most cost effective monthly payment, quick approval, or a loan that secures your investment into the future, we have a leasing package suited for you.

We feel we have a unique product when it comes to leasing because of the Technology Refresh Program lease package. With the Technology Refresh Program, your investment is protected by a no-penalty option to upgrade before your term expires. For example, assume you buy a phone system and 24 months into your 60 month term you experience massive growth and need another phone system with more capacity. Our program will 'forgive' your remaining payments as long as you renew with us for an equal or greater term, with an equal or greater monthly payment, with a system of an equal or larger capacity, containing newer technology providing additional features and capabilities. You can think of the Technology Refresh Program as a very inexpensive insurance policy to make sure your system continues to work for you. Call today for more information on how you can take advantage of the the versatile programs we offer.

Lease financing is the financing tool of the new millennium. A report in the ELA (Equipment Leasing Association) magazine states:

  • 85% of equipment today is financed
  • 80% of Fortune 500 companies are currently leasing
  • 55% of all financed equipment is leased

So, why are companies leasing instead of choosing alternate forms of financing? You will be comforted to know that leasing has advantages that make it beneficial for companies to take advantage of, especially with computer hardware and software.

  • Leasing may provide a 100% tax deduction for each monthly payment
  • A lower initial investment is required in leasing, thereby allowing capital to stay where it belongs, in the company
  • Leasing is cash flow, cost-effective financing
  • Leasing does not reduce bank lines
  • Leasing imposes no restrictive covenants that banks usually attach to their loans
  • Leasing helps you to preserve your ability to run your own company
  • Rules of financing dictate that you invest your capital and lease depreciating equipment, i.e. computer and telephone technology
  • Leasing is quick and easy (no lengthy forms to fill out)
  • Leasing does not affect critical financial ratios, i.e. Working Capital, Current Ratio, Acid Test Ratio, Working Capital to Debt Ratio
  • Leasing allows you to defer the decision to buy
  • Leasing provides off balance sheet financing

Leasing is simple. Please call us and allow our staff to show you how leasing will give your company more freedom and allow you to compete in a competitive market place.